Our UHF repeater, located in Hinsdale as well.
This repeater uses 443.300 MHz output and 448.300 MHz input.
A “PL” of 114.8 Hz tone is required to access this repeater.
There is a four minute time out timer on this repeater.
The club operates three open repeaters under the call K9ONA/R.
Our Two Meter repeater is located in Hinsdale.
The repeater uses 146.970 MHz output with 146.370 MHz input.
A 107.2 Hz subaudible (PL) tone is usually required for access.
This repeater has a three minute time out timer.
The timer must be reset with a short pause after the courtesy tone between transmissions.
Our 220 repeater is also located in Hinsdale
This repeater uses 224.82 MHz output and 223.22 MHz input.
The repeater requires a CTCSS tone of 110.9 Hz.
All three repeaters are usually set in cross-link mode.
The two meter VHF and 70 cm UHF repeaters also transmit the subaudible CTCSS tone.