The Grumpy's are on Monday through Friday at 8:45am
The Next Grumpy Lunch will be on May 9th  At Tonys
The Grumpy Net

The GRUMPY Net is a “rag chew” net that meets every weekday including holidays. 
It starts at 8:45 and runs for about an hour.  The Grumpy net is open to all licensed Amatuer Radio Operators.

The GRUMPY Net started in Nov 1996, upon the ending of a CW on the air class that Karl WA9CCQ (SK) and Soupy Bob AK9Y (SK) ran.

The Grumpy's ran as a simplex net for the next 10 years. 
In 2006 Bob Weiss W9AVB(SK) asked for, and was granted permission to use the Six Meter Club’s repeater. 
The Six Meter Club repeater uses 146.370 MHz input, 146.970 MHz output.  A 107.2 Hz subaudible (PL) tone is usually required for access.

They are still on that repeater today.

It was decided that the GRUMPYS would NOT have any officers, by-laws or charge dues!  
A Grumpy number would be issued and would never expire.   Your grumpy number is yours for life!
Welcome to the Grumpys,
You became one by checking into the net 5 times with-in a 30 day period, or 3 consecutive times. The Grumpys were started in November 1996, the main purpose was to keep track of our aging members, and to encourage the art of rag chewing.  As you can see, we remember our silent keys and the many who have moved from the area. We use a Grumpy number only once, that’s why you became #3. This is a different kind of club, NO Dues, NO by-laws and No officers, just plain get together on the air or at the Grumpy lunch. The lunch is held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at a local restaurant.
Again welcome to the GRUMPYS!!!

73's Karl WA9CCQ
In the first two months the Grumpys  grew to 18.  By the end of 2003 there had been 23,711 check-ins with 57 Grumpy certificates being issued.  On June 30th of 2002 the Grumpys started giving special recognition to any Grumpy who checked-in to the net over 1000 times.
The First 5 Grumpys with 1000 Check-ins
# 1001 Jim N9TUQ with 1304 check-ins
# 1002 Karl WA9CCQ with 1212 check-ins
# 1003 Les N9VKE with 1146 check-ins
# 1004 Joe wA9RIJ with 1004 check-ins
# 1005 Wally WA9CJZ with 1048 check-ins
# 1006 Tom K9LKPL with 1027 check-ins
# 1007 Pat KA9UZH with 1012 check-ins
# 1008 Bob AK9Y with 1041 check-ins
# 1009 Ben N9TVM with 1171 check-ins
# 1010 Lee W9NSP with 1140 check-ins
# 1011 Milt WA9SOV with 1105 check-ins
Then on March 31st of 2005 the first certificate for 2000 check-ins was given to Jim N9TUQ. Then on May 9, 2011 Jim recieved the first certificate for 3000 check-ins.  Although the Grumpys no longer issue certificates for check ins, they do keep a log.  Over the last 20 + years the log has been passed down from Karl to Jim.  It has been in many forms starting as a paper hand kept log, then electronic logs were kept and now the traditional paper hand log is used.  The log is not published or uploaded to log book of the world. 
To get get a current list of Grumpys and Grumpy numbers click the button at the top of the page.
The Grumpys started going to the Brookfield restaurant on the 2nd Thursday of each month for an informal meet and greet shortly after the Grumpy Net started up.  For two months they did try JC Georges in Countryside but then returned to Brookfield restaurant, smoke and all. After the Brookfield restaurant closed, the grumpy lunch moved to Tony’s in Brookfield.  When Tony's moved they were closed for several months for remodeling.  During that time they met at PJ Klems in Lyons.  Tony's restaurant moved into the Brookfield restaurant building and in what might be a return to their roots, the Grumpy lunch is back at Tony's in the building where it all started.

The Grumpys have had 3 picnics at Memorial Park in LaGrange Park. The first was held on July 19 1998 and the last on August 27, 2000
A Christmas dinner was held at the Old Country Buffet December 2002.

Because of their help the Grumpys have three honorary members;                    Lavon Weiss (SK)     Betty Hemrich     Kathy Szezepanek

In 2006 the Grumpys were granted permission to use the Six Meter Club’s repeater.
18 years later in 2024 the Grumpys became an official part of the Six Meter Club
Today, the Grumpys are still going strong, with over 200 members.  Bring your grump along and join in, there is always someone to listen to your grump.  Now under the stewardship of Jim W9JPR and several volunteer net controllers the Grumpys are looking forward to a very bright future.....
or should I say they are going to have a very grumpy future.

AK9Y Soupy Bob
Grumpy Net Control Operators
KC9V Mike Grumpy Number 198
KC9RP Hap Grumpy Number 164  (KC9 Rollie Pollie)
WA9IYZ Cindy Grumpy Number 146 (and the Curmudgeon Vern K9LAE)
KD9NVU Steve Grumpy Number 162
W9JPR Jim Grumpy Number 130
As a substitute when/if needed N9TUQ Jim Grumpy Number 3
The Grumpys are always looking for volunteer net controllers.  If you would like to be part of an old honered tradition please let Jim know.

You will not be sorry.
In order to become a Grumpy you had to check-in to the Net 5 times within a 30 day period, or 3 consecutive times, a tradition that still
stands today more than 20 years later.  Then you would receive a welcome letter, a certificate and be assigned a Grumpy Number. 
Grumpy Commander Jim
When Soupy Bob AK9Y  became an SK, Jim N9TUQ took the reigns of the Grumpy net as well as inherited the complete log of every Grumpy check in.
Jim dutifully kept the tradition alive by recording every Grumpy check in and tracking every Grumpy number every weekday for the next 20 years.
In 2023 Jim N9TUQ  passed the mission of Grumpy control over to Jim Riley W9JPR who became only the 4th caretaker of the Grumpys in 27 years. 
Six Meter Club of Chicago (SMCC)