Six Meter Club of Chicago


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The Six Meter Club of Chicago(SMCC) promotes interest in the Amateur Radio Service by fostering activity on all radio bands(HF, VHF, and UHF), provides emergency communications, community radio services, and technical assistance related to radio and its use in communications.

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Come join us at the October 13th meeting
and enjoy a surprising presentation by
Paul Mitchell KC9SEB
about Ham Clock
. . . . .
“Paul - KC9SEB holds a General class license since 2010; and has an interest in radio; electronics; and computing and enjoys combining these into many projects.
During working hours, Paul is employed by DELL Technologies as a Field Chief Technology Officer"

Please Submit your 2023 Dues to
Craig Lundt N9CGL
P.O. Box 55
Downers Grove IL.  60515

The Results Are In

Officer elections were held at the April meeting.

Congratulations to all of the incoming officers and a heartfelt thank you to the outgoing officers

Paul Mielnicki K9LH (President)

Joe Noga KC9TQF (Vice President)

Tom Krause N9HWV (Secretary)

Craig Lundt N9CGL (Treasurer)

Gary Hyzny KC9IDS (Sgt. At Arms)

Mike Huedepohl WD9GJK (Director)

Kris Lawrentz KC9TJL (Director)

Will Sperling W9WSS (Member at Large)

Wally Kramer KD9OGA (Member at Large)


We have always had an interesting variety of programs at our SMCC meetings, but our Program Director, Joe,

KC9TQF is on the lookout for new ones whether related to Amateur Radio or not, so if you have an idea for a

presentation that our members would enjoy, please let Joe know. We are fortunate to have access to a variety

of audio visual equipment in our meeting room at St. John's.

Six Meter Club of Chicago Apparel

Six Meter Club of Chicago apparel is now available thanks to Will W9WSS. 

Click on the picture to order caps shirts cups and jackets.