Six Meter Club of Chicago


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The Six Meter Club of Chicago(SMCC) promotes interest in the Amateur Radio Service by fostering activity on all radio bands(HF, VHF, and UHF), provides emergency communications, community radio services, and technical assistance related to radio and its use in communications.

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Please come to the March meeting on the 8th.  We will be electing officers for President and Vice President
You can pay your 2024 Dues at the meeting

The SMCC 2024 Dues are $25
Please Submit your Dues to
Craig Lundt N9CGL
P.O. Box 55
Downers Grove IL.  60515
or at the March Meeting

At the Febauary 9th Meeting 
The Constitution and By-Laws
Were Unanimously Ratified

With the ratification of the new Constitution and By-Laws the Six Meter Club of Chicago will be holding elections for the office of President and Vice President.  In person nominations will be accepted up to the time the voting starts at the March 8th meeting.  If you wish to nominate a candidate for President or Vice-President but can not make it to the in person meeting you may do so by sending an email to Secretary(at) before 5:00pm on March 8th with the office you wish to nominate for and the person you wish to nominate.

Do you have something you would like to share?  Did you build an antenna or some equipment?  Do you know someone who did a presentation that we should see? Why not present it at the Six Meter Club of Chicago monthly meeting.  We are looking for new programs to present to the club. 

Send an email with your idea to:


We will give you more than 15 minutes of fame!