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The Six Meter Club of Chicago(SMCC) promotes interest in the Amateur Radio Service by fostering activity on all radio bands(HF, VHF, and UHF), provides emergency communications, community radio services, and technical assistance related to radio and its use in communications.

Club Activities: Meetings, Programs, Hamfest, Field Day, Contests, and VE Testing

Autism walkaton; communicators needed at Hinsdale HS, 55th & Grant St; Hindsdale, Illinois oN APRIL 23th @ 7:30 AM a great turn out

Special Events:

Field Day was held June 24 & 25, 2017 at the Hinsdale HS track field house for a blast.

(LOOK SEE) Field Day 2017 Pictures

W6Q Route 66 began on September 9, 2017. Thanks to members participating in this national week long event.

WD9GJK, Mike is handling all incoming qsl cards for the Route 66 special event and also visit the Citris Belt ARC for additional info and how to QSL stations worked. Note SASE's help to expedite.

Our 60th hamfest held June 18, 2017; thanks to all for making our hamfest a success.

K6O special event station commemorated our club's 60th anniversary. QSL via WD9GJK

Hamfest Flyer 2018, take a look

50.130Mhz - 6meter round table: get on the air, Tuesday 8pm

Club net on 146.97Mhz - Tuesday 9pm(146.37 input with 107.2 pl)

Slow Scan TV(SSTV): Thursday 7pm - 146.97Mhz rptr; using EasyPal software

February Halo Newsletter

SMCC Paid Up Members 2018

SMCC Silent Keys(deceased members)designated "SK"

Next Meeting: March 9, 2018 7:30PM - St John's Lutheran Church at Brainard and 47th street, LaGrange, Illinois

Program: tba or Crystals /b>

Board Meeting February 9, 2018

Next VE test session: April 28, 2018 Summit Illinois for more see the 'Halo'

The Grumpy history and net ; summer=mon,weds,fri; otherwise weekdays 8:45am on 146.970mhz. Luncheon 2nd thursday.

Current registered grumpy members

Ham radio is a multifaceted hobby for all.

To peak your interest in radio communications:

Chasing the birds(Satellites in the sky); all the info you ever wanted.

visit:   The Antique Radio Club of Illinois(ARCI) website

Jerry WB9GTO along with Bill KC9KLA get scouting into Amateur Radio

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